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D.C. Eviction Requirements Post-Pandemic

As many of you know the eviction moratorium has been lifted and eager landlords have begun filing and execute writs of restitution. If you are a tenant and you received a writ of restitution check with a D.C. real estate attorney to discover if D.C.'s emergency legislation has effected your notice requirements. For instance executions of writs of restitution that were schedule prior to March 11, 2020, can be rescheduled, however the tenant must receive 30 days notice of the rescheduling of the execution of a writ of restitution and not the typical 21 days notice. For reference see D.C. Act 24-125 Public Emergency Extension and Eviction and Utility Moratorium Phasing Emergency Amendment Act of 2021. Be advised that his act also includes subtle modifications in the notice requirements for evictions.

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