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What Should Be Included In A Purchase Agreement?

The specific clauses that should be included in a purchase agreement will depend on the details of the transaction and the parties involved. However, some common clauses that might be included in a purchase agreement for the purchase of a majority ownership interest in a business could include:

  • A description of the property or assets being purchased, including any real estate, equipment, or intellectual property

  • The purchase price and payment terms

  • Any contingencies or conditions that must be satisfied before the sale can be completed

  • Any warranties or representations made by the seller regarding the property or business being sold

  • Indemnification provisions to protect the buyer against any claims or liabilities arising from the transaction

  • A clause specifying the governing law and jurisdiction for the agreement

  • A clause outlining the procedures for resolving disputes

It is important to consult with an attorney when drafting or reviewing a purchase agreement to ensure that all necessary clauses are included and that the agreement is legally enforceable. This is not legal advice. However, if you like to schedule a consultation to discuss drafting a purchase agreement, please contact us at (202) 499-2403 or 1(833) CALLJKW (225-5559).

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